Pav Bhaji | Mumbai street style Pav Bhaji


Pav Bhaji is a flavorful, spicy and tasty dish of North Indian cuisine available in all Indian restaurants and street style chaat shops. It is made with boiled potatoes and green peas in spicy and tangy tomato and onion gravy served with soft toasted pav/ slider buns along with fresh cut onions, coriander leaves, a wedge of lemon and a dollop of butter. Come, let’s see how to make this perfect recipe at home with easy method and step by step pictures.


Category: Vegan

Cuisine: North Indian

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Serves: 4


  1. Pav/ Slider buns- 12
  2. Butter- 2 tbsp
  3. Pav Bhaji masala- 1 tsp
  4. Kasuri methi- 1 tsp
  5. Coriander leaves- 1 tbsp

For potato masala:

  1. Capsicum/ Green bell pepper- 1/2
  2. Boiled Green peas- 1/2 cup
  3. Boiled potatoes- 4
  4. Tomato- 4
  5. Salt- as required
  6. Kasuri Methi/ Dried Fenugreek leaves- 1/2 tsp
  7. Butter- 1 tbsp
  8. Kashmiri Red chilli powder- 2 tsp
  9. Pav Bhaji Masala- 2 tsp

For bhaji gravy

  1. Oil- 1 tbsp
  2. Butter- 2 tbsp
  3. Onion- 2
  4. Ginger garlic paste- 2 tsp
  5. Coriander leaves- 3 tbsp
  6. Kasuri Methi/ Dried Fenugreek leaves- 1/2 tsp
  7. Pav Bhaji Masala- 1 tsp
  8. Red food colour- a pinch (optional)
  9. Prepared potato masala
  10. Lemon- 1/2


1. Preparation: Clean the potatoes and cut into 4 pieces each and pressure cook with 1.5 cups water for 4 whistles. Cool down completely and peel the skin and mash without lumps and set aside.

If you are using fresh green peas, boil it in pressure cooker with 1/2 cup water for 2 whistles. If you are using frozen peas, boil in stove top with 1 cup of water till soft.

Chop the onion, tomato, capsicum and coriander leaves finely and set aside.


2. Heat a non stick pan in medium flame and add capsicum and saute for 2 minutes. Add the boiled green peas and mix well.

3. Add the potatoes, tomatoes and salt and mix well.

4. Add 1/2 tsp kasuri methi and close and cook until the tomatoes are soft and mushy.

5. Add 1 tbsp butter and mix well to melt. Add kashmiri red chilli powder, pav bhaji masala and cook for 2 minutes.

6. Mash it well with a potato masher (or) use an immersion hand blender to mash if you prefer smooth bhaji gravy and set aside.

7. For the bhaji gravy, heat oil and butter in a pan and add onion and ginger garlic paste and saute till golden.

8. Add kasuri methi and half of the coriander leaves and mix well.

9. Add pav bhaji masala, red food colour (if adding) and saute for 2 minutes.

10. Add the prepared potato masala, 1/2 cup water and mix well. Check for salt and spice and add if required.

12. When the gravy thickens, add lemon juice and the remaining coriander leaves and switch off.

13. For toasting pav, heat 1 tsp butter in a tawa/ pan and add 1/2 tsp coriander leaves, a pinch of kasuri methi and pav bhaji masala and mix well.

14. Toast the buns on both sides until golden and remove on a plate. Serve the toasted pav with the spicy and flavorful bhaji, lemon wedge, fresh chopped onions and butter. Delicious Mumbai street style pav bhaji is ready to eat!








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