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Hello there! Welcome to Potato Kitchen! 🙂

I am Priya, the cook, author and photographer of potato kitchen, home maker and loving wife of an amazing husband, Srini! Both of us were born and raised in Chennai, India and we are currently residing in Pittsburgh, USA.

My grandmother, mother and mother-in-law are wonderful cooks and both Srini and I grew up eating the best home cooked food in the world. In fact, the thing that connected us was food! Yes, when we started seeing each other, the first ever thing we spoke about was food and more specifically, our love for “potato” brought us closer. Srini says that his second love is Potato (you know the first 🙂 ) So, I named this blog “Potato Kitchen” 😉


My family and why it took 25 years for me to start cooking?

Before marriage, I was employed as bank manager in Chennai leading an 8 AM to 8 PM work life and never had the chance to cook. My parents did everything: chopping the vegetables, cooking three course meals, setting the table, serving food, packing lunch for us, and washing the dishes and never let me work in the kitchen, not even doing the dishes! All I did was deciding what I wanted for breakfast the next day.

Family forms a major part of me: I always admire and adore my parents and grandparents for the beautiful people they are: strong and loving; honest and hard working; offering their constant support in all my endeavors! Especially my mom: my hero and role model; the person who believes in me and is always there for me! She is the reason for who I’m today!!

And one fine day, I met Srini and instantly fell in love and we got married after one year of long distance relationship. I always feel lucky for the getting such a wonderful husband and best friend for life!

After Srini and I got married in June 2017, I quit my job and we moved to the US just 15 days after wedding (my mother-in-law did not expect me to cook even once when I stayed with them for 2 weeks in India after wedding, she is my another mother! The sweetest mother-in-law in the world). When I came here, the kitchen was totally mine and I had to decide what and how to cook: I understood the challenging role of a home maker and I instantly loved it. It was the time I practically started cooking.

Our daily routine:

We like eating fresh food all three times of the day, so I often end up making breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I had the habit of taking photos of the finished food every meal and by the end of 1 year, I had over 450 different dishes in my gallery. This helped me in learning cooking better and make a lot of new dishes.

Srini leaves at 7 AM for work and I make breakfast every morning; all I got is 30 minutes: so making quick breakfast is crucial. Since he takes the breakfast to work, I wanted to make different breakfast everyday and I tried my best. To my surprise, wherever we went, I was greeted by his colleagues and their wives who always spoke about the breakfast Srini brings to work. This was my biggest motivation to make good breakfast every single day!

Srini comes home for having lunch together and I make simple and heart warming lunch so it is not overwhelming and he is able to go back to work. I spend my afternoon experimenting with baking and painting. After he comes home, we make dinner together. So it’s three to four times cooking in a day. But I spend only 20 minutes to maximum 1 hour in the kitchen per meal because of the easy and quick dishes that I make. We postpone the time consuming ones for the weekend so we can cook together. Other than cooking, we watch a lot of movies together, take a stroll to the nearby park and watch the sunset,  and we love travelling and photography.

Why Potato Kitchen?

It was Srini’s idea to start this blog and share my signature recipes with easy and quick method so that it benefits other families especially working women and bachelors who have little time to spend in the kitchen. All the recipes have simple method and step by step photos for beginners and people of other countries who love to try and learn Indian cooking.

I am trying my best to include traditional dishes from my grandmother, mother and mother-in-law’s kitchen along with the street foods from our fond childhood memories of Chennai that we have carried to the US.  All the recipes in this blog have been tried and tested with expert tasting and honest reviews from Srini. It wouldn’t have been possible without his motivation and love, he is the one to lift me high and hold me close!

Srini’s cousin Deepthi never forgets to ask the pictures of our breakfast and lunch; she offers her encouragement all the time and keeps praising the dishes I make. She is a pillar of support and heartily welcomed the idea of starting this blog.

I also owe my thanks to my best friends Nethra (for being so enthusiastic about when I would be starting the blog and she is the first person for whom I started writing recipes), Sinduja, Akshaya, Rohini, my cousins Archana, Aarthiy (who have been sharing their comments on each and every picture of food that I post) and others who have been supportive and  encouraging throughout!

Your suggestions are always welcome, feel free to leave your comments. I look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you for visiting Potato Kitchen, Happy Cooking! 🙂